Skin has fascinated me for a long time – a two dimensional multipurpose mesh surfaced organ encapsulating an ample and capacious body.    It can be slack or tight depending on age and weight.   It can be oily or dry, and responds to pain and pleasure.  It is a marvellous material with a network of lines especially on skin dried and damaged by the elements or in my particular case, worn with ageing.   It hides in its multiple layers nerves, glands and capillaries under its inert exterior.

My work is to show a network of lines  – a network of roads travelled  – telling the story of the life lived – through a body that shows the wear and tear of what has been.

Here are photos I have taken of what I have done so far – manipulating sausage    skin.

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  1. beverlymoxon Says:

    I really like this work Ola. I especially like the the first photo showing the small tears and holes in the material, highlighting the vulnerability of skin as we age. The images made me think how my very elderly mother’s hands became so frail and the skin so translucent that the network of veins underneath formed a delicate pattern.

  2. sharonpeoples Says:

    It is amazing how it has come up in the photograph. Yes I agree with Bev, that papery skin that is so transparent. The parchment skin in raw legs of lamb is also like that. Sharon

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