Double Ocho hat

The architecture of a fibre is like that of the DNA this shows reflective and experiential process in tension,


Just produced a book which is an inspirational story of how creativity can help you rise above the everday problems of life.   Attached is a picture of my front cover, my story is told through my hats. or go to the about page to purchase the book.

3 Responses to “NEW TEXTILE BOOK”

  1. maggi toner-edgar Says:

    Link to purchase

    the work will feature in Mary Schoeser’s “Textiles the art of humanity” : due for release in Oct 2012

  2. mikereverb Says:

    Beautiful cover!

    I immediately saw a snake skin when I first viewed it. The mind and its tricks.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • maggi toner-edgar Says:

      Thanks for the observation never thought of that but it is meant to be a subtle reference to DNA strands held together in tension. the book explains how we think when we make- conceptual piece rather than a traditional ‘how to’ craft book.

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