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NETS (Netwurking EnTrapment Solutions)

A ‘collaborative’ blog is a type of weblog in which posts are written and published by more than one author. The majority of high profile collaborative blogs are based around a single uniting theme. This one revolves around ‘nets’.

They function to separate items of interest from a specific flow.

They might be physically rough and shamelessly obvious.

They might be hidden, unnoticeable, psychological. 

They might be ‘virtual’.

Net curtains, with their pretty imagery, are street-surveillance systems. Yet, if an ‘insider’ has the light on, without a night curtain, it is they who will be exposed to the curious gaze of those in the shadows.

When do the ‘firewall‘ nets, stretched across the currents of cyberspace, switch from being defensive to being aggressive? Can the misdeeds of their deployers be detected?

What purposes do veils serve? Some degrees of veiling deny and some entice the gaze of the curious – particularly men. An imprisonment fetish at work?

Nets of lies and half-truths are screened through a mesh of cultural and institutional constraints, woven over events, winding up as ‘history’.

How can such ‘nets’ be evaded, breached, subverted?

What might they have in common, what special points of weakness?

Micro-nets block contagions / Fishing nets haul in ‘by-catch’ .

Good nets? / Bad nets?

Netwurks: tracking ’em down and exposing ’em when we find ’em – but artfully.

16 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. valeriekirk Says:

    Hi Michael,

    How do I add myself in as a writer for NETS BLOG. Info sent before did not connect me as a writer.
    Also I have just set up my own bloghttp://valeriekirktapestry.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

    • Michael Adams Says:

      Sorry, Valerie. Found that besides you being registered, I needed to add you onto a list of users, something I’ll just monitor in future. Try the post again.

  2. niccih Says:

    Here’s Nicci Haynes blog


  3. Peter Says:

    How do I join this collaborative blog about nets

  4. Stella Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I went to log in to sign up and got carried away in creating a personal blog for my MA work at the University of Cumbria. I would really like to join up here as well – how do I do it?

  5. Michael Adams Says:

    Great, Stella. You are on the blogroll and signed up as an author – just go ahead. I’ve linked your name to your blog.

    • Stella Says:

      Thanks Michael

    • maggi toner-edgar Says:

      Please add me to the the blog roll for nets as I am the previous Principal Lecturer of Applied Arts at the University of Cumbria. I am one of the NETSartists but do not seem to be able to add myself to the nets blogroll.

      • Michael Adams Says:

        Done. And your WordPress page linked, in the blog roll. I really like the look of the piece you call ‘Digital Lace’. To ensure more people see it, you could post it in Netwurks, with your statement (I don’t know how regularly others check for updates to linked sites).

    • allisonlynn Says:

      Hello Michael, can I please be added as a blogroll! Im an ex student involved in the exhibiton x thanks (*-*)

  6. julie bull Says:

    Hi Michael
    Please could you also add me to the blogroll and sign me up as an author
    Im also an MA student at University of Cumbria

  7. gingerbreadhats Says:

    Hi Michael

    I’m an alumni of the Univerisity of Cumbria and would like to sign up as an author too.

    I also have a website – http://www.gingerbreadhats.co.uk if you would like to add it to the blog roll (feel free to put it under my name – Angela Searle and/or my company name – GingerBread Hats).

    I’ve also noticed there is a NETWURKS blog on Blogger – http://netwurks.blogspot.com/ – however it looks like has been left in favour of this WordPress blog. Perhaps it would be helpful to update the wording on the Blogger site to direct visitors to the newer WordPress site?



  8. vickykentedstudios Says:

    Please would it be possible to add myself and Sharon Kennedy to the blog? Ive tried a number of times and nothing is working!
    Thanks :-0
    Vicky Tedford

  9. vickykentedstudios Says:

    Oh sorry we both are ex students from the university of Cumbria who are participating and showing work in the exhibition.

  10. may cruickshank Says:

    Hello Michael
    I am wondering whether it is possible or could be made possible to click on a particular artist and bring up all the posts for that one person? I haven’t been able to do it so far.

  11. Ana Says:

    I would love to see new material, great blog!!

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