I have been working away at the glass fronted amulet boxes over the past few months as one of several strands in my MA degree work. I was inspired years ago by an exhibition by photographer Fay Godwin and have wanted to work on something which acknowledged this influence. I have finally achieved this with my glass ‘nets’ which obscure and disguise the contents of the boxes they rest on. I had fun photographing this one against the sun-dappled asbestos walls of my 1950s garage!

Glass 'net' by Karen Griffiths

Glass 'net' by Karen Griffiths

Images of my completed net work – “Black Velvet, Dark Night”

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would drop in to show you some images of my completed net work.

You can read more about “Black Velvet, Dark Night” on my website at .

Material Culture: networks and connections

After the meeting today I thought some more about the material culture of our textile work: the specific tools we have and the way in which we use them.

What do they reveal about our values and attitudes?  Are they part of the construction of personal identity? Certainly some of my tools are very personal items. Some are  survivors from the past, and exhibit their previous owner’s  care for things hard come by. Through their patina of use they provide a model of authentic experience that connects me to other textile workers.

As a tapestry weaver, I now use  a frame loom that I made so that it could be dismantled for travelling to a course in Italy with Lynne Curran. That frame continues now to be the one I use as for me it is invested with knowledge gained through Lynne’s teaching.  Through Lynne’s generosity I  acquired an historic vertical loom, once used by Lynne herself and before that by Sax Shaw, one time director of the  Edinburgh Tapestry Company. I had not known Sax’s work, but researching his career as an artist has brought me into contact with a body of work and a philosophy of working that has informed my own developing sensibility of what it is to be a weaver. Warping it up became an act of continuity and connection.   Learning  its codes and language  provided essential tools for thought about tapestry weaving and how it has been practised.

‘The Smoke’ and ‘The Mirror’

‘The Smoke and The Mirror’, is a web-based project that seeks to expose the aggressive techniques of certain subliminal ‘product placements’. It  looks into a particularly heinous, but previously unexamined, ‘Lucky Strike’ campaign, by British American Tobacco (BAT), that blatantly sought to exploit the responses of both West and East German cigarette smokers to 9/11, in the immediate aftermath of the event.

The work also uses a particularly shameful example of the willing complicity of popular media – in this case, the mass circulation, German weekly, Der Spiegel (The Mirror). Whenever the revenue stream from carrying branded messages becomes the lifeblood of a publication, ethical publishing standards may be flouted – by any means, but preferably undetectable.

Helpless to resist subliminal marketing ploys, the addicted are lured into ‘Nets’ of carefully calculated associations.

In addition to the web-based piece, I plan to distribute its contents via a ‘zine.

Of course, it can also be exhibited as a continuous slide show.

The images here have been converted from the pages of my ‘Nets’ project web-site. They are my gallery of potential photos for Sharon’s catalogue.

I will follow up with more discussion, as I get feedback here and elsewhere.

‘I will make you fishers of men’

I have been exploring the idea of a metaphorical net that Jesus talks about in the Bible:

Rather than a net to catch fish, as some of the disciples were previously used to doing in their occupation, they are starting a new life teaching about Jesus and spreading the message that God’s son had arrived as a man to save the world. As they hauled in their nets full of fish, now they will draw people towards God. This will create a new metaphorical net of Christians, joined together, spreading the news of Jesus.

It is this idea of a net of humans that i am exploring, within my work. The photos i have included are early design developments of my work.

Concertina paper lace

I am experimenting with some more ideas to necklace and in particular the lace from Elizabethan times. The images above explore the construction concepts of lace (usually they were folded in a figure eight pattern) and shape of the ruffle. I like the idea of turning these paper lace drawings into small books or wearable paper art…..

check out my blog for more images

Perdita Phillips – Network

Perdita Phillips is an artist I found on the internet who has a series of work called ‘Network’.  The works were first created as autonomous images before being hand cut into organic networks. The intention was to explore the kinds of networks that grow between people, and between individuals and places, when one moves to a new environment.

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