A system of interconnected lines

My response to the theme of networks came as a result of exploring a dictionary definition of the word network, as a ‘SYSTEM OF INTERCONNECTED LINES, a pattern or system that looks like a series of branching or interconnected lines’ (Bloomsbury Concise English Dictionary 2nd ed., Rooney, ed. 2005, p.973).  This has prompted me to view networks as visual compositions, exploring these within the natural world.

My work aims to reveal the beautiful structures and patterns within these natural networks which are no less elaborate, complex or detailed than their technologically networked counterparts.

During the making process and the method of display that I have been considering, I have also begun to explore the ‘networks’ that the method of construction and stitching forms within the work also, allowing these to be revealed by displaying them in front of a natural light source.

Inspiration sources: Botanical structures and patterns in nature.

Nets at ANU…

In these samples I was thinking about the concept of making a 2D work that references “Nets”, rather than a 3D work that is actually a net.

In relation to the context of my work, I am constantly drawn to the environment for inspiration. I have been looking at patterns on bark in particular. In these samples I have worked with images of bark pattern. The patterns in tree bark can be like a camouflage pattern, or can become a net of pattern over a tree.

The embroidery creates a net over the bark; while the cutting and collage technique creates a net over the screen-printed paper, through which the printed paper can be viewed.

Fishermen’s Pants Embroidery (plus Holstein in a Jar)

I am trying to communicate the plight of the refugee by likening their situation to that of being lured into and entangled in a “net” of nefarious behaviour and political and bureaucratic policy in both their own and the country to which they escape.

I am using the mediums of both drawing and textiles on white muslin, while drawing on inspiration from work by child detainees. I chose muslin for its net-like quality. I am using grayish thread to convey the feeling of waves, pulling and entwining. The use of fishermen’s pants alludes to traditional culture, sea and boats