Concertina paper lace

I am experimenting with some more ideas to necklace and in particular the lace from Elizabethan times. The images above explore the construction concepts of lace (usually they were folded in a figure eight pattern) and shape of the ruffle. I like the idea of turning these paper lace drawings into small books or wearable paper art…..

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Architectural Nets Piece

In this piece I wanted to use the clear plastic to create some sort of a grid, or net. I really like how the plastic captures and refracts light and casts shadows even though the light passes through it. The plastic was originally a case for a product, so I wanted to use it as a template for an architectural structure. But in order to do that, I needed to deconstruct the plastic, by cutting away pieces, and then reconstructing it by weaving the pieces into place. From that point, it really became about the process of putting it together, as it really demanded that it be done strategically, or it just kept falling apart and flopping over.

Pearl Knit (ANU Nets Project)

In this sample the ridged nature of the string of plastic beads prevents the knitted net from sitting close and flat together as normally occurs when using more traditional threads. Due to this, the net is blown up or spread out and does not form a comfortably wearable fabric.

This ‘spreading out’ means that the sample is far less stable than traditional knitted fabrics. It also creates a more three dimensional knitted piece and allows the net construction to be more clearly seen. This amplification of the structure can be seen as deconstructing the traditional technique, creating something new.

Sample of plastic pearls knitted on size 10 needles

Nets in Lodz

Julie Ryder sent a link to the Lodz Textile exhibtion in Poland. Her work is in the background of the general shots – some funnel shaped nets (- shots 17 &18 on the left). There are some other interesting net like structures,13th-international-triennial-of-tapestry-lodz-2010.html

Memory Lines

My thinking has been along the concept of the line such as ‘the network of lines’.  This has links to the lines in my life and my memories.   I am still playing around with my net of weave but have been working  more with the copper wire which in itself has a memory as it springs from a roll.   I have come up with the concept of ‘memory lines’. This is the  intricate web or net of memories, the background of the memories, the transitions and the in-betweens.

I have written several short stories which I am putting in small copper books. Each book is held in small knitted bag of copper wire.  These small ‘billums’ or bags are about 12 x7x10 cms. The shadows  that are ‘cast’ also create their own net of lines.

NETS and harvest time in the Little Bridge Vinyard

This weekend we finished the grape picking for the season. The last nets were removed and as I look at this photo I can see many of the themes we have been talking about and exploring in our work  – trapping, protecting, keeping in/keeping out, a barrier between but flowing through…….

Hair netted

Paula HIlyard's word at the last meeting