ghost nets

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Ghost nets

An intersting article from Craft Australia was posted today in ca news on ghost nets in th eGulf of Carpentaria. Indigenous people are making objects from the nets that are left to clog up the oceans and water way.

The Net Kit

The Net Kit: A fishing net identification guide to Northern Australia

This is an amazing resource showing about 200 designs, a record of nets recovered from the Gulf of Carpentaria after being cut away from boats being chased up by customs patrols and trapping huge quantities of wildlife, while swirling in the currents off the Northern Territory coast.

The kit is used to help identify which boats were in the area.


8th of June is World Oceans Day. In the UK, it is also the day of the premiere of The End of the Line, the first major documentary about the devastation of the world’s overfishing.

The world’s oceans were very different 200 years ago.

Imagine 27,000 southern right whales teeming in the waters off New Zealand, 30 times what we find there now. Or blue and thresher sharks darkening the waters off Cornwall, England. Or even herds of harbour porpoises pursuing fish up British rivers. These are just some of the revelations that will come out of the ‘Census of Marine Life – Oceans Past’, a conference bringing together the results of a 10 year project by environmental marine biologists around the globe (80 nations, 3,000 scientists), currently underway in Vancouver, Canada.

A discussion of the project’s findings with Ian Poiner, Director of the Australian Institute Of Marine Science, was broadcast on ABC Radio National’s ‘Breakfast’ program on 26th of May, and is available for download: