Double Ocho hat

The architecture of a fibre is like that of the DNA this shows reflective and experiential process in tension,


Just produced a book which is an inspirational story of how creativity can help you rise above the everday problems of life.   Attached is a picture of my front cover, my story is told through my hats. or go to the about page to purchase the book.


Thought I’d share a wonderful book with you all –  ‘Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey through Britain‘, by Roger Deakin,1999.

It is a travel book by a swimmer who swims his way across Britain-in moats, lochs, ponds, streams, the sea,fens, swimming pools and canals. He looks at history, ecology, natural science, native swimmers’ rights and more, with great humanity and wit. An uplifting book that will appeal to all swimmers (Annie and Valerie take note). Available through the public library system. Connection with ‘Nets’? The other side of being “netted”- swimming freely with a wild spirit!

detail of work

This is a black and white image of my work.

Katherine’s net piece

This is possibly my finished work. It is an altered book, using pages from the text for the net, which flows out of the bottom of the book. The net is also a river and fish.

Mixed Message

‘War Sux’: Protestapestry #1