netting the invisible

My work for the Nets Project focuses on the ‘un-seen’ out of which a net sifts its catch. The ‘un-seen’, such as clean air and water, are commodities which seem to have always been plentiful but are becoming scarce and polluted.

Seated right underneath a lamp, I have been knitting a rather invisible ‘yarn’ (thin sewing monofilament) on circular knitting needles to create two long narrow nets. My first attempt resulted in a mobius strip, as I couldn’t see that the knitting had twisted around the needle… Starting the following attempt I reinforced the set-up stitches in the first two rows with some visible sewing thread. This thread will be removed when finished.

The nets stretch out into a narrow point. Their shape reminds me of the nets held high with a long thin handle, used to catch flying insects on a summer’s day: a romantic, lofty and light image.  My nets however ask the viewer to take a different thought path.

Two nets: one to catch air and one to catch water.