Double Ocho hat

The architecture of a fibre is like that of the DNA this shows reflective and experiential process in tension,


Just produced a book which is an inspirational story of how creativity can help you rise above the everday problems of life.   Attached is a picture of my front cover, my story is told through my hats. or go to the about page to purchase the book.

Nets Exhibition, ANU

We had a photography session last Saturday. We had received a grant from out local government for the photography of works as well as a catalogue for the physical exhibition in the Foyer Gallery at ANU in September 2010. It was a long photography session of 20 works as few artists have dropped out since its inception. It was also difficult to photograph works that were installations as set up time was required – so some had to be just details of the work. So that means works are almost complete ready for the show. I just have to go through the images with the photographer and then they will go onto to the designer of the catalogue.

The Netwurk, NEWS + widgets



Now (pause), the news in detail:

A network is not a ‘net’. It was good looking at the blog roll of 58 names this morning. I hope it lengthens. I think everybody’s got the idea they can post about themselves, their work, ideas and frustrations on/with the subject. To wit, picking at the fabric of ‘nets’ (positive and negative) and representing their meaning with metaphor (comforting or discomforting) -an ‘underground’ attitude.

As some would know, WordPress has a variety of optional ‘widgets’ that show up in the RHS and LHS columns. We haven’t added any since it started. Now I’ve put in ‘Author Grid’. I like seeing the area of it. As yet at least, we look about as ‘underground’ as a crochet blanket. When you click onto a face (or quilt square) in the grid, it brings up all of that contributor’s posts.

So, I am asking EVERYBODY to RUN TO their DASHBOARD.  Please edit these two points in your account details (‘it’s for your own good’):

1. Add a PHOTO

2. Enter your first and second NAMES  in the boxes provided.

When you read a post, it’s good to have a clue who poster ‘trnip48’ or ‘mrsxpls’ might possibly be AND the grid widget will be a PLEASURE to behold. The multi-faceted Netwurk.

Note that, thanks to Karen Griffith, who first raised it, there is already a Facebook widget – on the top LHS. I haven’t used it yet. I’m going to try that out and also make a ‘Nets’ photo album. You could consider linking too. If you want to go viral, LINK YOUR PEOPLE to your posts. We’re big enough now to make up a reasonable sized Facebook ‘group’. Anybody interested?

Should you meet even the silliest problem in any of these above vital processes, make comment here … and I swear I’ll post you the fix – a step at a time.

PS. Don’t miss ‘latest comments’ widget (RHS).

Site Admin

Here is a FREE OFFER to fix up anybody’s problem. Are you:

  • not on the blog-roll?
  • have a web-site / blog that is not linked to your name on the blog-roll?
  • wondering how to put up an image/ access the archive/ write text in rainbow colours/ find the time to post?

If so … let me know

Bev’s work

Bev Thomas showing her work

Here is a shot from the last meeting. Bev was concerned her previous work posted on the blog could not be seen. However, trawling back though it can be seen about 6 pages back in the older posts. Track back to have a look. Waht she really enjoyed was the comments that people had left for her.

On L-Plates

And when I learn how to get these images uploaded, then you’ll be able to see these drawings!

Wooh00!   See below for the images – thanks Caren!

Getting Categorical

I’ve just done a periodic edit of default-labeled,  ‘Uncategorised’ posts – reassigning them to existing categories or defining new ones, when it seemed to be required. Readers can then do a search of posts relating to a subject of particular interest to them, by clicking the reference in the Category Cloud on the right of the blog page.

There could be a case to call certain subjects intrinsically uncategorisable – states of ecstasy, inside black holes (see illustration), the universe prior to the Big Bang and so on – but, so far, I haven’t identified any here.

The message is  that you might like to make your own decisions as to where your posts belong. After you’ve composed and you’re ready to publish, select one or more categories from the list on the right, or add a brand new one (assigning a ‘parent category’, if appropriate). Alternatively, you can always go back in to an old post, from the blog page, through its ‘edit’ link.

And your post.