Nets Exhibition, University of Cumbria

Dear all

We had a Nets meeting with some of our exhibitors on Monday and it was really great to meet up and re-connect.
We are in the process of creating magazine adverts for our Nets exhibition which will take place alongside our MA Contemporary Applied Arts exhibition in October 2010.

I will upload the advert when it is completed.

We are photographing all of our works during the week beginning 6th September and will forward them to you in Australia to feature within your Nets Exhibition as a digital exchange within the project. I will also send them to staff at Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku so they can begin to populate their ‘Virtual Gallery’.

Also, looking to create a ‘ 2011 Calendar’ showing Nets works rather than a catalogue so we can use it to promote the conference / unconference.

I want to show this ‘Netwurks’ and the Nets Blog during our exhibition and have it ‘live’ so we can feature new posts during the exhibition.

Also, we are aiming to have a film crew in during the exhibition setting-up (very brave..) and also during the Private View so as soon as the footage is edited then we can publish it and share with you all. As we are working on this project from across the world I wanted to show / evidence as much of the process as we can.

I have been in discussion with Kati Reijonnen in Turku about Pecha Kucha and so all of our artists are compiling PowerPoint presentations (20 images and 20 seconds per image) of their working process to feature during the exhibition.

We have also agreed to add an image of our studio/ workplace/ ‘corner of the room beside the pile of ironing….‘ where we work, our ‘tools of the trade’ (referencing the post that Gwyn made about material culture) and finally a view from the window where we work….

Material Culture: networks and connections

After the meeting today I thought some more about the material culture of our textile work: the specific tools we have and the way in which we use them.

What do they reveal about our values and attitudes?  Are they part of the construction of personal identity? Certainly some of my tools are very personal items. Some are  survivors from the past, and exhibit their previous owner’s  care for things hard come by. Through their patina of use they provide a model of authentic experience that connects me to other textile workers.

As a tapestry weaver, I now use  a frame loom that I made so that it could be dismantled for travelling to a course in Italy with Lynne Curran. That frame continues now to be the one I use as for me it is invested with knowledge gained through Lynne’s teaching.  Through Lynne’s generosity I  acquired an historic vertical loom, once used by Lynne herself and before that by Sax Shaw, one time director of the  Edinburgh Tapestry Company. I had not known Sax’s work, but researching his career as an artist has brought me into contact with a body of work and a philosophy of working that has informed my own developing sensibility of what it is to be a weaver. Warping it up became an act of continuity and connection.   Learning  its codes and language  provided essential tools for thought about tapestry weaving and how it has been practised.

Nearing the end of making

We had a lively get together early this morning on a cold but sunny Canberra day. Much of the work made by artists is completed enough to get photographed for the catalogue. Some of the work can be seen on artists blog rolls on this site. This is a descriptive account rather than the ideas behind them. Nancy Tingey arrived with a box of her burr work and a large knitted net made from nettle fibres. She also had Liz Jeneid’s work of domestic implements hanging from a bar – these were made in a basket technique. Liz had also sent along some prints of sieves. Ola Robertson rolled out her printed sausage skin textile. Maryanne Mussared showed her crocheted metal seed balls. Marli Popple unwound her fragile white shibori piece that had been cut away. Bev Thomas presented her copper knitted piece that was laid flat. Wendy Dodd opened one of her layered nets set on a black background. Monique van Nieuwland carried in her long net weigh down with a glass marble; it was suspended from a circular metal piece with a long handle. Jenny Manning opened her lap top to show her large drawing of complex net-like structures. Mog Bremmer had brought in a pile of net-like drawings she had completed recently.Rosina Wainwright pulled out a net with stuffed animals caught up in the structure. Bonny Begg dramatically unwound the spiral shape with small nets manipulated by fabric that she and Christine White had been working on. Kathy Dabron arrived with her three white fisherman’s pants that were embroidered in blue thread.

Valerie Kirk had completed her work a month or so back as she is travelling. She has a large fish tapestry. Bev Moxon has here work in a show out at Wagga Wagga. Lynne Johnson has her black knitted crepe paper pieces. There were others that missed the gathering and no doubt we will hear from them as the deadline looms in the next 10 days. Through the process so far there appears to be two camps – those that use the net to display their work and those that love to chat about it face to face.

Bev’s work

Bev Thomas showing her work

Here is a shot from the last meeting. Bev was concerned her previous work posted on the blog could not be seen. However, trawling back though it can be seen about 6 pages back in the older posts. Track back to have a look. Waht she really enjoyed was the comments that people had left for her.

Nets Meeting News

A note on the Nets meeting held at Studio 4, Strathnairn, on 6 February 2010 – 10am till 4pm

Ten networkers met – to chat and enjoy feeling connected, show visual diaries and work in progress, and talk about the blog. There was a lot of discussion about the difficulties of using wordpress. Hang in there!

There was also a lot of cake eating – thank you to all who contributed, and thank you everyone for making the effort to spend a few precious weekend hours networking.

Next meeting – 10 April 2010 same place and time. Please bring your visual diaries, work in progress etc to share. And cake!

13-25 September 2010

Distant readers and/or brand new authors might care to see how fast the  ‘put your money where your mouth is’ – or pipe-down – moment is now approaching some of us. Sharon Peoples and Annie Trevillian came up with a timetable to allow for producing a serious catalogue, publicity and structuring of the exhibition. And this is it (be very scared):

  • Thursday March 18th: Process/progress meeting (6pm)
  • Thursday 1st April: Entrants to have posted a statement (50-100 words) and an image of exhibition work in progress – on Netwurks
  • Thursday 1st July: Finished work to have been delivered with labeling information: artist, title, date, dimensions, materials etc.
  • 3-4th  July: Work selection panel
  • July: Production of catalogue
  • August: Catalogue at the printers, invitations and media-release distributed
  • Monday September 13: Exhibition Opening


Paula Hilyard - work with hair

Nancy Tingey - print on paper