Double Ocho hat

The architecture of a fibre is like that of the DNA this shows reflective and experiential process in tension,


Just produced a book which is an inspirational story of how creativity can help you rise above the everday problems of life.   Attached is a picture of my front cover, my story is told through my hats. or go to the about page to purchase the book.

Zine Draft

A ‘zine page

could look …

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‘The Smoke’ and ‘The Mirror’

‘The Smoke and The Mirror’, is a web-based project that seeks to expose the aggressive techniques of certain subliminal ‘product placements’. It  looks into a particularly heinous, but previously unexamined, ‘Lucky Strike’ campaign, by British American Tobacco (BAT), that blatantly sought to exploit the responses of both West and East German cigarette smokers to 9/11, in the immediate aftermath of the event.

The work also uses a particularly shameful example of the willing complicity of popular media – in this case, the mass circulation, German weekly, Der Spiegel (The Mirror). Whenever the revenue stream from carrying branded messages becomes the lifeblood of a publication, ethical publishing standards may be flouted – by any means, but preferably undetectable.

Helpless to resist subliminal marketing ploys, the addicted are lured into ‘Nets’ of carefully calculated associations.

In addition to the web-based piece, I plan to distribute its contents via a ‘zine.

Of course, it can also be exhibited as a continuous slide show.

The images here have been converted from the pages of my ‘Nets’ project web-site. They are my gallery of potential photos for Sharon’s catalogue.

I will follow up with more discussion, as I get feedback here and elsewhere.

Note to Posters and My Project

I’ve tried to put all new posters on the bog roll (oops, the blog roll) – if you’re not, let me know. If you would like your name linked to your personal blog or a related web-site, just let THE ADMINISTRATOR know. Thank you. If anyone has any probs or beefs, I will be in the office, probably until submission day at least. Things are hotting up.

This is the first SnapWeb result. It’s a strange, but very good feeling, to be putting up my project stuff. I’ve put quite a lot of work into it, over the past while, and I still see detailing required. Nets is a great reason to put it together now. And, look, I’m truly sorry if it’s not hand embroidered. Actually, I’d rather it was a Michael Moore documentary .

As it is, it will be either a slideshow or a compilation of  as large print-outs as I can get out of SnapWeb  resolution. I’ll find that out soon. Then there will be the centre-piece of the historic Der Spiegel cover, hopefully (again) mounted in a secure display case (behind a silk rope barrier).

There should also be some document folders – on a table.

One way or another, printer’s going to be running through the ink.

Work to be done.

Anyone notice how less stingy I was with post space when it came to my own? Perks.

My Nets Project

Hi Sharon in particular. Hi Karen Griffith, now Facebook friend from Cumbria – fishing her dog out of the canal, tending her allotment asparagus and being funny. I’ve been off the air. It’s good to see how the blog has been up and  running – new names and work up there. I mean I know I have gone on about categorizing posts, but that and a bit of formatting aside … alive and well.

Sharon emailed me weeks ago, sent me a web-site, asked how I was. You know – busy. I thought it time to check the submission date – next few weeks, have to get it done. Get it done? What if the input is actually already done, or mostly, and the output is do-able before 1 July? I decided to buy some shareware, SnapWeb, that creates high-res images of web pages in multiple formats. I await only the email with license information – under 12 hours. This is going to enable me to produce my project content through my A3 printer – I totally admit that I had been uncertain how I was going to ‘realise’ the virtual. Whoo, hoo!

I’m going to post them as they are done. As gill-netters are to fishing, big tobacco is to advertising. They lie so regularly, it’s a wonder they don’t leave con trails.

Fishermen’s Pants Embroidery (plus Holstein in a Jar)

I am trying to communicate the plight of the refugee by likening their situation to that of being lured into and entangled in a “net” of nefarious behaviour and political and bureaucratic policy in both their own and the country to which they escape.

I am using the mediums of both drawing and textiles on white muslin, while drawing on inspiration from work by child detainees. I chose muslin for its net-like quality. I am using grayish thread to convey the feeling of waves, pulling and entwining. The use of fishermen’s pants alludes to traditional culture, sea and boats

Cultural Crossings

Posted for Catherine Dabron:
These are the sketches for my art work in progress.
I will be making a total of three fishermens’ pants in white muslin on which I will embroider, in blue/ grey thread, using  basic stitches in a series of simple designs.