Double Ocho hat

The architecture of a fibre is like that of the DNA this shows reflective and experiential process in tension,


Just produced a book which is an inspirational story of how creativity can help you rise above the everday problems of life.   Attached is a picture of my front cover, my story is told through my hats. or go to the about page to purchase the book.

Fishermen’s Pants Embroidery (plus Holstein in a Jar)

I am trying to communicate the plight of the refugee by likening their situation to that of being lured into and entangled in a “net” of nefarious behaviour and political and bureaucratic policy in both their own and the country to which they escape.

I am using the mediums of both drawing and textiles on white muslin, while drawing on inspiration from work by child detainees. I chose muslin for its net-like quality. I am using grayish thread to convey the feeling of waves, pulling and entwining. The use of fishermen’s pants alludes to traditional culture, sea and boats

Cultural Crossings

Posted for Catherine Dabron:
These are the sketches for my art work in progress.
I will be making a total of three fishermens’ pants in white muslin on which I will embroider, in blue/ grey thread, using  basic stitches in a series of simple designs.

Cloth nets

After a lengthy conversation this afternoon with Karen and Angie about the importance of becoming an active participant in the development of  the Netwurks Network, I thought that it was about time I wrote my first post, so firstly  ‘Hi’ to everyone involved in the Nets Project.

I am studying for an MA at the University of Cumbria and my MA work visually considers the way in which cloth is a container that traps evidence of the maker, user/wearer and carer (mender/launderer). My woven, printed and stitched pieces are like nets that make the invisible visible and allow the viewer to see the hidden traces, both forensic and anthropological, of human contact with the cloth. The work has developed as a response to a personal family collection of clothing and domestic textiles dating from approx 1820 to the present-day – items that carry the thread of human and craft DNA from my ancestors through to myself.

I am also using my family textile collection to develop work for both the International Lace Award and the Nets Project.  This work is focussed around the network of open and solid shapes found in lace.

The physical process of making is an important aspect of my practice and I am developing an image, video and animation element, to be projected onto my work, that will evidence some of the hidden elements involved in the making of my work.

I think that that’s enough about me for present but I am very much looking forward to becoming a more active participant in this blog in the future.

Jemima Parker

‘I was thinking about netting in fashion – looking at using unexpected materials to create a wearable piece. I was looking at corsets, armour, and chain-mail for inspiration.

Jemima all

knitting, netting and macrame

I created my wearable piece entirely from garbage bags, using a combination of knitting, netting and macrame.’

garbage bag attire

garbage bag attire



Agencies search for ways to create consumer ‘needs’ – in some cases, aiming for a willingness to sacrifice health, or life itself, for an alluring dependency.

What chance do addicts have against subliminal campaigns?


How does being an individual relate to a fashion trend for camouflage? What is the attraction of a uniform and how does it affect the wearer?






In ‘Inglourius Basterds’, Quentin Tarantino, chooses the scene when Jewish survivor, Shosanna Dreyfus (played by Melanie Laurent), slowly lowers her veil, before descending the stairs to enter the gathered crowd of Nazi ‘victims’ of her plot, to mark the moment she truly becomes The Avenger.

‘Shosanna’s fiery, red-tiered dress … worn for the finale brings a deadly touch of lustre (black veil, a touch of death).’
‘Clothes on Film’, UK Film Review, August 19, 2009



See: Habitat/ Food/ Natural Resources/ Oceans/ Species

See: Industry/ Processing Plants/ Consumers

See also: Extinctions?mass_extinctions



Don’t racial, gender and other social profiling systems constitute ‘nets’ – holding back some population groups, allowing only the already dominant to prospect in the most rewarding territories?


Unsolicited software programs scan my apparent interests, to suggest songs, web sites and consumer products they ‘think’ I might enjoy. On the surface, they offer shortcuts to new discoveries, but they may also be set to lure me within reach of some angler’s gaff.

One of Japan’s top online computer retailers, increased page views by 67% and saw profits triple, after installing a recommendation engine based on predictive technology.

A financial institution uses predictive solutions to identify key behaviours of customers who are likely to leave the bank, so that steps can be taken to retain them.


How many human rights do ‘intelligence’ systems breach in their assignment – protecting ‘Us’ from ‘Them’?