Double Ocho hat

The architecture of a fibre is like that of the DNA this shows reflective and experiential process in tension,


Just produced a book which is an inspirational story of how creativity can help you rise above the everday problems of life.   Attached is a picture of my front cover, my story is told through my hats. or go to the about page to purchase the book.

Nets Project, ANU Textiles

My work explores family networking. Connections that have been lost, and the ones that remain. The collage is made from four pieces of paper, and a series of small tokens.

The main image is a representation of the ‘Family Tree’. Located on this tree is a series of tokens, each marked with a family member’s name. The branches represent the passages of different connections. As the tokens expand and the connection becomes lost, the token is marked with a question mark (?).

Hair netted

Paula HIlyard's word at the last meeting

family networks

My ‘netwurking’ keeps coming back to family networks and paper and text and black and white. What to do with all the pieces of paper I’ve inherited and all the secrets and stories the text  hints at so loudly. The dramas of births and deaths and marriages suggested – the formal certificates revealing lots and hiding lots more. I’m using paper to explore and explain what I know about some of the women I’ve ‘caught’ in these family nets. So far it’s crepe paper and it’s knitting…………..