Fishermen’s Pants Embroidery (plus Holstein in a Jar)

I am trying to communicate the plight of the refugee by likening their situation to that of being lured into and entangled in a “net” of nefarious behaviour and political and bureaucratic policy in both their own and the country to which they escape.

I am using the mediums of both drawing and textiles on white muslin, while drawing on inspiration from work by child detainees. I chose muslin for its net-like quality. I am using grayish thread to convey the feeling of waves, pulling and entwining. The use of fishermen’s pants alludes to traditional culture, sea and boats

Hello Networkers

I am finally on the blog!
It has been great to follow the blog and to see all your inspiring and interesting readings/ideas/works. I have been researching and working on several ideas for Nets and shall post further information behind my ideas/concepts/materials soon. This image is a detail of 77 crocheted wire and thread boat/pod froms creating a net.