Sign-up Primer


At the top of the left hand column , click on <Log in>

This will take you to a page. Below the box that has Username, Password and Login, click on <Get a free WordPress account>

Fill in Username. You can make one word of your name (eg sharonpeoples), so we know who we are communicating with. If you choose to use a special, blog name (eg ‘artscaper’ – Michael Adams), make sure you fill out your actual name on the lines provided.

Fill in Password, Confirm, Email boxes, tick the Legal flotsam, and click (you can go back later and do things like adding a ‘gravatar’ photo of yourself, if you like).

Then it should state that it will send an email to your email address (it happened almost instantly at the workshop). When the email comes to your account, just click on the address they provide. There, log in with your Username and Password.

This will actually allow you to do no more than comment on posts, because, initially, you are automatically signed up as a ‘Contributor ‘. Once they note that you have signed up, an Administrator (Sharon or Michael) will change your status to ‘Author’ – and you can start posting.


– add thoughts to posts of pictures and pictures to posts of thoughts

– assign categories to posts

– insert important links into posts


In the right-hand column there is a Search box, a list of Categories and a ‘Category Cloud‘.


On the left-hand side, there are Link lists – ‘nets institutions’ (the three ‘Nets’ Project universities), ‘blog roll’ (with other netwurkers’ sites) and ‘blog links’ (to sites linked in the posts).

Perhaps you already have your own blog or web-site or you know the web address of any site that users can go to get an idea of you, your work and interests. Please let us know so we can provide a link to it in the blog roll.

12 Responses to “Sign-up Primer”

  1. mogbremner Says:

    well, I’m impressed by the blog roll – I can see I will shamed if I leave it any longer to join in! Easy procedure so far…

  2. joycewoodcock Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I don’t seem to have status change to author yet or am I doing something wrong. Thanks

    • Michael Adams Says:

      Hi Joyce. I tried yesterday, but found I don’t have your email, which I need to sign you on – although you clearly already have a WordPress account. Nor could I trace your name in a WordPress search. Anyway, my email is You can also include the address of your blog or web-site for me to make the links. It will be great to (finally) drag you on board.

  3. theknittinglady Says:

    It seems I need be on blog roll before I can post.- i’ve been very confused as to why I couldn’t load images!! I’ve written a post, but it’s pending. Please help. Helen Martin (

  4. msdacron Says:

    Hi Michael I’ve finally managed to change my password which I had forgotten. Now how do I become and author and get myself on the blog roll. Catherine

  5. malccruickshank Says:

    Hi I am adding a comment here as i am ready to start blogging on Netwurks. I am alumni of University of Cumbria

  6. sarah3harrison Says:


    I’m adding a comment here as I would like to start blogging on Netwurks. I am an alumni of Cumbria University.

    I have just registeresd with wordpress and want to know how I become an authour / get on the blog roll?
    Sarah Harrison (

  7. agnissmallwood Says:

    I am an alumni of Cumbria University. I would like to start blogging on the Netwurks site, please can you add me as an author so i can post and upload an image of my work.
    I would also like to have a link in the ‘blog roll’ to my website:

  8. gwynethhunt Says:

    I have signed up and would like to start blogging on the netwurks site, please can you add me si i can post and upload images.

    • Michael Adams Says:

      Happy to see you’re on (thanks to Sharon). Very sorry if you were waiting. I’ve been off-line for a while.

  9. gwynethhunt Says:

    I have created a blog
    my email is
    can it be linked in, please/?Thanks

    • Michael Adams Says:

      That is done, Gwyneth. Beautiful winter light. I have no idea why WordPress always puts onto the page: ‘Just another site’. Just doesn’t do it justice.

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