Nets Project, ANU Textiles

My work explores family networking. Connections that have been lost, and the ones that remain. The collage is made from four pieces of paper, and a series of small tokens.

The main image is a representation of the ‘Family Tree’. Located on this tree is a series of tokens, each marked with a family member’s name. The branches represent the passages of different connections. As the tokens expand and the connection becomes lost, the token is marked with a question mark (?).

Cultex exhibition

Just visited the wonderful Cultex exhibition, here in the UK at The Hub, Sleaford. Subtitle of the show is “textiles as cross-cultural language” so it seems really relevant to the Netwurks project. It was the result of a year long collaboration between three pairs of textile artists, three Japanese, three from Norway. The results are wonderful and thought provoking. The whole was organised and curated by Prof Lesley Millar.

The installation ‘Out of Darkness’ by Gabriella Goransson was also rather net-like – circular open cage-like shapes cutting into each other, chasing each other, smothering each other. Made out of linen coloured and treated to look like dried seaweed I thought. I was reminded of fishing creels, lobster cages and crinolines.