Embroiderer nets

Embroidered nets

These are some forms I have been working on. I didn’t expect to be making net-like forms but I thought I would post them. I had beent hinking more about the lace qualitites. They are really technical exercises trying to get more space between the stitching. I discovered a new disouble fabric last week and have yet to try to push it to its limits. The new fibre, ‘Romeo’, does not require a machine embroidery hoop but washing away the fibre is much more difficult. If any one has used ‘Romeo’ can they let me know.

Lace Award – Powerhouse Museum

Nets and lace are closely linked. The Powerhouse Museum is once again running the lace awards 


As stated on the site: Lace offers a subtle interplay of space, ligth and shadows and the mystery of concealment. … The triennial Award seeks to encourage contemproary work of exceptional visual impact and originality and to challenge conventional notions of lace and its applications.