Nets Project, ANU Textiles

My work explores family networking. Connections that have been lost, and the ones that remain. The collage is made from four pieces of paper, and a series of small tokens.

The main image is a representation of the ‘Family Tree’. Located on this tree is a series of tokens, each marked with a family member’s name. The branches represent the passages of different connections. As the tokens expand and the connection becomes lost, the token is marked with a question mark (?).

Perdita Phillips – Network

Perdita Phillips is an artist I found on the internet who has a series of work called ‘Network’.  The works were first created as autonomous images before being hand cut into organic networks. The intention was to explore the kinds of networks that grow between people, and between individuals and places, when one moves to a new environment.

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Black Velvet, Dark Night

Detail of "Black Velvet, Dark Night"

Black Velvet, Dark Night is an installation of bird net hooked with cable ties.  When the work is completed it will be roughly within 2.5 x 2 metres.

What is Black Velvet, Dark Night?

Caught in, eternity that stretches to black. A fire that consumes and spits out.  Desolation and loneliness. The haze of a never ending dry spell.   Abandonment, burning off out of control, entrapment.

Words really can’t describe the feeling of it.

Like all of my cable tie installations Black Velvet, Dark Night is quite difficult to photograph.  I hope the images of the work in progress tell you enough about the scale of the work as well as show you my approach to embroidery and netting.  You can find more images and information about the work on my website at .